Fermentation tanks

Fermentation tanks

1500L Microbrewery Beer Fermenter

1500L Microbrewery Beer Fermenter

Product Details

• 1500L Net capacity, 25% head space

• Diameter 1500mm*Height 3000mm.

• SUS 304 material insulated tank.

• 100% TIG welding with pure argon gas.

0.3 Mpa test pressure. 0.2 Mpa working pressure.

Dimple cooling jacket, side and cone of the tank. NPT connection.

Top relief valve(PVRV), Top dry hopping port.

• Sanitary side manway (top for option).

Sample valve. Pressure valve, Co2 relief valve, DIN/TC racking arm.

60 degree cone.carbonation stone,

Level tube, CIP pipe, Blow Off pipe,

24V solenoid valve.Dial Thermometer. RTD sensor.

• Stainless steel 304 butterfly valve.(DIN, Tri-clamp)

Lifting Lugs,Adjustable Feet,Ladder Hooks.

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