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Cassman loaded the 40HL Brew house



Chinese New Year is coming, we have no time to prepare the holiday. If we miss the shipment before the holiday, the buyer will get delay for about one month. We decided to ship out before the holiday! Even the truck cost is too much higher than we expect!

The brew house is 40HL with 80HL hot water tank, below are the details:

1. Mash tank 4000L+Lauter tun 4000L+wort boiling tank 4000L+whirlpool tank 4000L+8000L hot water tank

2. Mash, wort boiling and hot water tank steam heated.

3. Motor system for mash, rake system for Lauter. Automatic valve for the spent malt.

4. Plate heat exchanger of 60 square meter.

5. Work platform for the brew house system.

6. Wort test, wort grant, hops dosing, yeast dosing, hops filter design.

7. Siemens program control system with individual control panel on the platform.

8. All the pipeline and valves of the system.